Sunday, November 27, 2011

A to Z

  • A for Apple. I like red apple.
  • B for ball. I play with the ball.
  • C for cat. Cat likes rats and milk.
  • D for dog. Dog likes bones.
  • E for elephant. Elephants have tusks and trunks.
  • F for fish. Fish can live only in water.
  • G for girl. Girls like dolls.
  • H for hat. Some people wear hats.
  • I for igloo.Eskimos live in Igloos.
  • J for juice. Orange juice is very tasty.
  • K for kangaroo. Kangaroos carry their babies in their pouches.
  • L for lion. Lion is the king of the forest.
  • M for monkey. Monkeys have long tails.
  • N for nine. Nine comes after eight.
  • O for octopus. Octopus has four pairs of arms.
  • P for pig. Big pigs eat corns.maize and roots.
  • Q for queen The queen is the wife of the king.
  • R for ring. You can wear a gold ring.
  • S for Sun. Sun rises in the east.
  • T for train. Trains stop at all junctions.
  • U for umbrella. Carry the umbrella,if it rains.
  • V for Van. You go on a van for picnic.
  • W for watch. You can throw the watch through the window.
  • X for X-mas, X-mas is the festival of Christians.
  • Y for yellow. Some bananas are yellow.
  • Z for Zoo. you can see all animals in the zoo.

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