Thursday, November 17, 2011

English and Ramayana

  • What's your name? Ram
  • What's your father's name? King Dasarath
  • What's your mother's name? Mrs. Kowsalya
  • How many wives has King Dasartha? three
  • What are their names? Kowsalya,Kaikeyi and Sumitra
  • How many brothers do you have? three
  • What are their names? Bharat, Lakshman,Satrugna
  • Who is Bharat's mother? Kaikeyi
  • Who is the mother of Lakshman and Satrugna? Sumitra
  • Which country does King Dasaratha rule? Kosala
  • What is the capital of Kosala? Ayodhya
  • Who is the master/preceptor/guru for Dasartha? Sage Vasista.
  • What yaga did your father do? Putra Kameshti Yaga
  • What is called Yaga? it is a fire sacrifice.
  • Who came from the yaga fire? a divine ambassador
  • What did he bring? a golden vessel with sweet porridge.kheer.payasam
  • Who drank that? My mother and my step- mothers.
  • Are you happy to be born in Dasaratha's family? yes.

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