Friday, August 31, 2012

The golden touch

  1. Who was Midas? a king
  2. How was he? very greedy, avaricious
  3. What was his daughter's name? Marigold.
  4. What did he use to do every day? sit and count all the gold coins in the cellar and he wanted always to hear the jingling sound of the coins.
  5. Who appeared to him one day in the cellar?
  6. A fairy
  7. What boon did he ask from the fairy? whatever Midas touch must turn into gold.
  8. Did he succeed? yes
  9. What happened? he went into the garden ,touched the leaves and flowers  and all turned into gold.
  10. What happened on the dining table? water, food and all eatables turned into gold.He could not have anything to eat.
  11. Who came near him? his daughter.
  12. What did she do? she hugged her father.
  13. What happened? She turned into a golden statue.
  14. Who appeared when he cried? the fairy
  15. What did the fairy ask?whether Midas was happy.
  16. what did Midas ask the fairy to do? to take back the boon,
  17. get back his daughter,something to eat because he was hungry.
  18. What do you learn from this? Greediness and avarice lead to hell for sure.