Wednesday, July 22, 2015



This is for you my good reader

  1. Mother Bee: " Be careful! Darling, You are very young and don't go too far".
  2. Young Bee:" Yes, maa."
  3. Y.B." I have nice wings. I try to fly. Let me see the world."
  4. Lotus." Hey! young one! why do sit on my petals with a thump?"
  5. Y.B. " Why don't you allow me to have to some honey?"
  6. Lotus." You must first learn many things  and then come."
  7. Y.B." Oh! cloud,could you send some raindrops for the lotus?"
  8. Cloud::" She already has plenty of water in the lake."
  9. Y.B." oh Sun beam! could you help lotus to get some rays for the lotus."
  10. Sun beam:" She is already blessed by our Sun God and she blooms when she sees him."
  11. Y.B. "Oh! wise old owl ,sir! Could you tell me why the lotus is not allowing me to suck the honey?"
  12. Wise old owl:" you fly slowly and nicely. Sit on her softly and gently. Give a nice kiss.Then request her to give you the honey."
  13. Y.B." Oh! my dear lotus! I really like you and love you.Will you please allow me to have some honey ,now?"
  14. Lotus:" yes. you have learnt a nice lesson. You can now have the honey".
  15. Y.B." Thanks a lot."