Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Santa, Where Are You?

sesame street

Thanks to you tube eudcational videos

you tube= education

English learn words with T

  • Tabernacle is nothing but a tent, a temporary abode,human body as temporary abode of soul and a place of worship.
  • What do you call the article of furniture with a flat surface? a Table.
  • http://www.thefreedictionary.com/table
  • laying on the table the food,
  • Table is also a list.
  • Table is also an index.
  • Table is to tabulate, to lay on the table, to put forward for discussion.
  • Tableau is a picture and also a dramatic scene.
  • Ten commandments were written on the Tablet, the slab for writing,a slab bearing an inscription,a small flattish cake and a pill.
  • Tabloid is a small newspaper.
  • Taboo is a prohibition,restraint and a ban, a thing which is prohibited.
  • Tabulate is to arrange in tables, to set in columns.
  • Tacit means implied and silent.
  • Taciturn means disinclined to speak and habitually keeping silent.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


A to Z

  • A for Apple. I like red apple.
  • B for ball. I play with the ball.
  • C for cat. Cat likes rats and milk.
  • D for dog. Dog likes bones.
  • E for elephant. Elephants have tusks and trunks.
  • F for fish. Fish can live only in water.
  • G for girl. Girls like dolls.
  • H for hat. Some people wear hats.
  • I for igloo.Eskimos live in Igloos.
  • J for juice. Orange juice is very tasty.
  • K for kangaroo. Kangaroos carry their babies in their pouches.
  • L for lion. Lion is the king of the forest.
  • M for monkey. Monkeys have long tails.
  • N for nine. Nine comes after eight.
  • O for octopus. Octopus has four pairs of arms.
  • P for pig. Big pigs eat corns.maize and roots.
  • Q for queen The queen is the wife of the king.
  • R for ring. You can wear a gold ring.
  • S for Sun. Sun rises in the east.
  • T for train. Trains stop at all junctions.
  • U for umbrella. Carry the umbrella,if it rains.
  • V for Van. You go on a van for picnic.
  • W for watch. You can throw the watch through the window.
  • X for X-mas, X-mas is the festival of Christians.
  • Y for yellow. Some bananas are yellow.
  • Z for Zoo. you can see all animals in the zoo.

letter P

  • What is Pace? it is a step,stride,progress,rate of walking,speed,and gait.
  • http://www.thefreedictionary.com/pace
  • Pack. means a bundle,bale, set of playing cards,a set of dogs or a set of wolves.
  • Pack also means to make up in a bundle,to fill methodically,to collect, to store, to stuff.
  • http://www.thefreedictionary.com/pack
  • Package. is a bundle, packet, or parcel.
  • Packer. is one who packs.
  • Packing is the act of packing or the material for packing
  • packet. is a bundle,carton,or ship or vessel employed in carrying packets or letters.

Friday, November 25, 2011


  • Time is precious.
  • Diamond is a hard precious stone.
  • You can peel the potato easily
  • But try to peel the pine-apple.
  • http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/peel
  • http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/potato
  • Can you see the three trees there?
  • Their house is there.
  • Tie your tie properly.
  • He went into a hair cutting saloon and dyed his hairs.
  • He died a week later because of the allergy
  • They can dye your white dress to green.
  • Trying is better than watching.
  • Dry fruits last longer.
  • Thinking is better than drinking alcohol.
  • Peanut butter is liked by many Americans.
  • A piece of bread is called a loaf.
  • Better to keep silent than telling bitter words.
  • Don't bite your nails.
  • "Why are you beating your son like this?"
  • "You must beat him like this" so saying he gave several blows to the boy.
  • The boy blew the blue whistle on a bright day.
  • The wind blows .
  • If you give one blow to someone, he will give you two.
  • http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/blow
  • you can buy potatoes in kilos from that shop.

letter c 3

letter C 2

  • Cable,cackle,cactus,caddie,caddy
  • Cadence,cadet,cadmium,cadre, cafe,
  • Cafeteria,caffeine,cage,cairn,cajole
  • Cake,calamity,calciferous,calcify
  • Calcium.calculate,calculator,calculation,
  • Calculus,calendar,calender,calf,
  • Caliber,calibre,calico,calipers,caliph.
  • Cable is a thick strong rope.
  • The cables were laid under the ground.( the insulated wire laid under ground or water.)
  • He sent a cable to London that day.( a telegram sent overseas.a telegram sent by underground or water cable)
  • The cluck of a hen is called the cackle.
  • A loud laugh, a foolish talk can also be called a cackle.
  • Cactus is a leafless plant having a thick and fleshy stem.
  • http://home.howstuffworks.com/cactus-plants.htm
  • http://www.buzzle.com/articles/cactus-plant-facts.html
  • Caddie is a person who attends a golfer at play.
  • You can keep dried tea leaves in this small box- caddy.
  • The rise and fall of voice, the rhythm and the modulation is called Cadence.
  • The young person who is under training in armed forces is a cadet.
  • Cadmium is a white metal occurring in Zinc ores.
  • http://www.lenntech.com/periodic/elements/cd.htm
  • http://www.chemicool.com/elements/cadmium.html
  • The Permanent establishment of a regiment is called the cadre.
  • The permanent members of an organization can be called the cadre.
  • Cadre is also the framework
  • http://www.thefreedictionary.com/framework
  • A coffee house or a restaurant is called the cafe.
  • The difference between cafe and cafetaria, is cafetaria is a restaurant with a counter for self-service.

letter C

  • Cab,cabaret,cabbage,cabin,cabinet,
  • Cable,cackle,cactus,caddie,caddy
  • Cadence,cadet,cadmium,cadre, cafe,
  • Cafeteria,caffeine,cage,cairn,cajole
  • Cake,calamity,calciferous,calcify
  • Calcium.calculate,calculator,calculation,
  • Calculus,calendar,calender,calf,
  • Caliber,calibre,calico,calipers,caliph.

  • You can take a cab to reach the air-port.
  • Now it is a taxi,previously it was a horse-drawn carriage.
  • We went into the restaurant and had our snacks and coffee and watched the cabaret.( the program of songs and dance)
  • http://www.dietobio.com/aliments/en/cabbage.htmlCabbage is a nice vegetable.
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cabbage
  • http://www.cabbage-soup-diet.com/
  • The pilot was in his cabin.
  • They built many cabins in the drive -in hotel.
  • The captain visited all the cabins in the ship.
  • The council of ministers is called a cabinet.
  • She kept all her dresses and jewels in the cabinet.( piece of furniture for storing things).
  • A private room can also be called a cabinet.

sleep more sleep less or not sleep at all.


  • Stationery.You can buy pencil and eraser from the stationery shop.
  • School.Students go to school.
  • School bags.They carry a big load of text books and note books in their school bag.
  • Cycles. Some students come to school with cycles.
  • Class-room.Class-rooms get filled up when the school bell rings.
  • uniform. All students come to the school in their regular uniforms.
  • neck-tie ,belt and badge. They wear neck-tie, belt and badge.
  • Train.We train our students from now that they can become weight-lifters by experience.
  • Black-board.The black-board is an important tool in the class-room.
  • Table and chair. The table and the chair are required for the teachers.
  • Chalk-piece& duster.The chalk-piece and the duster are necessary for the teacher.
  • Note-book. children,students open their note books and start copying what is written on the black-board.
  • Learn.They learn to read ,write,speak and count in the classroom.
  • Pencil and pen. Pencil and pen are necessary for every student.
  • Clean and tidy.The class room must be clean and tidy.
  • Discipline.They also learn discipline in the class and from the teachers.
  • Tests.weekly and monthly tests are held in the class.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

learn stock market


  • Hai!
  • Good Morning.
  • How do you do?
  • How do you do?
  • Do you live here in this area?
  • Yes.
  • I haven't seen you here before.
  • When did you come here?
  • some 10 days back.
  • Who are all with you?
  • My wife and two kids.
  • Sorry.I didn't ask your name.
  • May I know your name?
  • Arthur.
  • Are you a christian?
  • Yes.
  • Roman catholic or protestant?
  • Roman catholic.
  • What about you?
  • I am a Hindu.
  • What's your name?
  • Ram
  • Are you married?
  • yes.
  • How many children do you have?
  • Two,one boy and one girl.
  • Nice meeting you.
  • See you soon.
  • See you tomorrow.
  • Bye till we meet again.

Learn ,learn more words

  • German man and German woman and children live in Germany.
  • Americans live in America.
  • An American can have German,Indian ,French and English friends.
  • The whole year , this year had been nice and good.
  • We wish the New year also to be peaceful and prosperous,
  • Today is my birthday.I will fly with my parents to Mumbai.
  • My sister also will accompany me.
  • It is autumn now and I see many leaves leaving the branches and falling down and making like a carpet.
  • The boy wore the stockings and was riding the cycle.
  • He went back to the beach to get back the ball which he left on the beach near the beach, Can you make the bench into a beach?
  • In her blue and white dress she looks very beautiful.
  • Green,blue,red ,yellow,violet,indigo and orange are all colors you can find in the rainbow.
  • In the white color all colors are merged. Do you agree?
  • Where is Mr. Brown who wears a brown shirt?
  • He carries a frown on his face and so he is at home only.
  • Good morning,Good evening, good night and hello are but greetings.

a small suggestion and a piece of advice.

  • If you want to achieve anything in this world,
  • Believe in your MOTHER 100 per cent,
  • Believe in God 100 per cent,
  • And above all believe in yourself 100 PER CENT.
  • Mother has brought you in this world,
  • Patiently bearing you in her womb,
  • For more than 9 months at some times,
  • Taken good care of your health,
  • Got more happiness from your smiles and actions,
  • Shown you who is your father,
  • Taught you how to eat,how to dress, how to take bath,
  • How and when to go to school,
  • How and when can you marry,
  • And to-day what you are is
  • the result of your
  • So why don't you take care and
  • Listen to your mother for all
  • Reasonable requests.
  • So MOTHER is the greatest person in this world.
  • God, she only introduced to you,
  • And told you that you have been
  • Sent in this world as the Trustee,
  • To enjoy and take care of all things,
  • And not pollute the noise,air and water,
  • And to see that you leave a world,
  • For others to live and enjoy,
  • How and what you have enjoyed.
  • Most of all believe in YOURSELF,
  • 100 PERCENT,
  • And say" It is possible"
  • And " I can, I will and I must".

make use of words

  • If you want to learn any language,
  • You must like that language,
  • From the bottom of your heart.
  • Liking must be 100 per cent and not less.
  • If you want to learn any language,
  • You must like that language,
  • And you must Love that language,
  • From the bottom of your heart,
  • And you must put your mind,heart,
  • Soul and spirit.
  • Liking and loving must be 100 percent and not less.
  • If you want to learn any language,
  • First you must like that language,
  • Then you must love that language,
  • Then You must live with that language,
  • Liking,loving and living with that language,
  • Must be 100 per cent and not less.
  • If you like first, then you love next,
  • Then you live with that for ever,
  • You can master any language.
  • Wish you good luck.



Wednesday, November 23, 2011

learn,learn and learn

  • What do you want to buy?(to buy)
  • Whom do you want to help?(to help)
  • Do you wish to love all and hate none?(to love)
  • Where do you want to go?(to go)
  • What do you want to bring for me?( to bring)
  • What do you want to have?(to have)
  • Do you want me to call You when you are free?(to call)
  • Is it good to break the neighbour's window?(to break)
  • What do you want your investment to yield?( to yield)
  • Is it good to copy someone?(to copy)
  • Why do you want to run away from your problem?(to run)
  • What do you want to ask me?( to ask)
  • Why do you want to tell him that story?(to tell)
  • Do you want to give your love to all?( to give)
  • What do you want to give to your friend?( to give)
  • Why do you want to sleep for 8 hours? ( to sleep)
  • Why do you want to write that letter of appreciation?(to write)
  • Would you like to kiss your child?(to kiss)
  • Why do you want to send that parcel back?(to send)
  • Do you want to send that Greetings now?(to send)
  • Try,try and try , try again and again and again till you gain.(try)
  • To say"I will try" is better than saying no.(to say)
  • It is always better to try than doing nothing at all.(to try)
  • To do good to all, to do no harm to any one is the best religion.(to do)
  • You must always try to keep up your promise.(to keep)

learn more and more

  • I went to the market.(to)
  • I came from home.(from)
  • Look at the mirror.(at)
  • You can come with me now.(with)
  • The other boy is very intelligent.(other)
  • Please give me another chocolate.(another)
  • Ram and Lakshman love one another.(one another)
  • Are you well? (well) Who is in the well? (well)
  • Good,better,best
  • Never let it rest,
  • Until good becomes better,
  • And better becomes best.
  • Forget the past,
  • Live in the present,
  • Expect the best and best only,
  • In Future.

go on learning

  1. Change ,change your thinking,
  2. Change your attitude,
  3. Change your dress,
  4. Find out which dress and color
  5. Matches you and gives you
  6. Extra energy and vigour
  7. And confidence.
  8. Change your grumpy face
  9. To a smiling one,
  10. Greet everyone with a nice smile
  11. Change yourself into a flower.
  12. Change the TV channels and
  13. Watch the shows which will
  14. Lead you to build your self
  15. To lead a peaceful and successful life.
  16. You are born to win,
  17. So,So and So change your ATTITUDE.

right and positive words help

  • Begin or start your day with the prayers in the early morning.
  • Thank God ,He has given one more day of 86400 seconds.
  • You must spend each second creatively,constructively with positive attitude.
  • Attitude itself will take you to the great heights and to the altitude.
  • Taking bath once in the early morning and before going to bed will refresh you more.
  • You will get a good sound sleep and you can get up early in the morning with fresh vigour. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/vigour
  • Don't carry your worries with you to the bed.
  • Before going to bed pray to God and thank Him for guiding you in
  • the right path and for helping you to take right and correct decisions.
  • You hear a speech .Unless you listen correctly you will not be able to understand what was spoken.
  • Hearing is one thing but listening is another thing.
  • You hear with your ears.You smell with your nose.You taste and speak with your tongue.
  • Inhaling and exhaling is done through your nose.
  • Breathing exercises are good for health.
  • Take care of every tooth and the teeth will be in order.
  • Companies are trying to follow paper-less society.
  • You see with your eyes. But see and observe more and learn.
  • Open your mouth only when required.
  • Every organ has got a particular function.
  • The ears cannot see and the eyes cannot listen.
  • Boys like to play with the balls and girls like to play with dolls.
  • Do your work in time.
  • Walk at least one or two kilometers everyday.
  • Read one English prose or poem or the editorials in the newspapers daily.
  • They all go here and there but they only know where they are going.
  • Children like to play in the ground but they do not get enough time to play for the studies take a lot of time.
  • Say yes when you want to eat nutritional foods and say No to instant foods.
  • The tables and the chairs are in the house for comfort.
  • Keep your books on the table and in the right place

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

words and words 2

  • Eat an apple every day,An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  • Go to the market and buy fruits.
  • Don't play inside the building and break the bulbs.
  • Play with the ball only in the ground or outside.
  • Do read and learn at least 10 words a day.
  • You can learn and teach others too.
  • Daily read one poem and enjoy its beauty.
  • Learning is fun.
  • Teacher teaches but student must learn and do his home -work also.
  • I am here to help you.
  • You are a man so you must face the world boldly.
  • You are your own master of destiny.
  • We are all here to learn and progress daily.
  • I am here.We are here. You are here. You all are here.
  • he is here.she is here.it is here.They are here.

words and words

  • See,watch but better observe than just seeing and watching.
  • You can see your jewel inside the jewel box.
  • If you go outside,take the umbrella with you.
  • Indian women are busy for 16 hours in the kitchen.
  • They prepare tea,coffee in the morning,prepare break-fast, prepare lunch, tiff in and snacks in the afternoon with tea, dinner in the evening and supper in the night.
  • You can drink milk or coffee.
  • learn this lesson now.
  • Mother forces the child to drink milk,
  • Write a letter every week, or send e-mail at least once a week,
  • Or call your parents over the phone once a week.
  • you will be doing them a favor.

words,words ans sentences

  • My sister lives in a village.
  • My brother lives in a town.
  • My grand father lives in a city.
  • You will sing a song,if you are in the country-side.
  • If it is hot, don't you drink cool drinks?
  • Why don't you take rest?
  • You have worked very hard all the day.
  • Newspaper is thrown inside the balcony.
  • In Jamshedpur.I saw boys throwing newspaper from the road in the balcony of 4th floor.

Monday, November 21, 2011

go on learning

  • There is no end for learning.
  • You must always yearn to learn.
  • Learn in order to teach someone.
  • Observe and listen and you can learn more.
  • Our eyes are above our nose.
  • Our nose is above our mouth.
  • our ears are near our eyes.
  • Our nose is between our eyes and mouth.
  • Our tongue and teeth are in/inside our mouth.
  • Our mouth is below our nose.
  • Our hairs are on our head.
  • The mouse is under the chair.
  • The window is in front of the door.
  • The hospital is just on the opposite side of our building.
  • There are 100 birds on that tree.If you shoot one, what will be the balance?
  • What's your name?
  • Name the countries which surround India?
  • You can work in the shop or in the workshop.
  • What's the difference between shop and work-shop?

know more

  • Don't go alone in the dark lane.
  • The wife leaves her husband and goes to the saree shop alone.
  • She alone knows how to select the cloth and clothes and sarees,
  • A lone person cannot get the loan easily.
  • Plants grow well in a small garden nicely.
  • Plants are to be cared for like the infants and the children.
  • Flowers are beautiful.They spread happiness,cheers and some sweet smell too.
  • You can always clean the room with a broom.
  • Bridegroom must also know how to use a broom.
  • A new broom always sweeps clean, that's what they say.
  • This train will depart from platform no.1
  • That train will arrive on platform No.2
  • Sunday is a holiday.This leave is enjoyed by one and all.
  • You are a learner for the whole life.So go on learning.Learning is a life process.
  • How beautiful is this place!I feel like staying here for ever.
  • The temple was here in this place.
  • Don't place your things here.When you come back you will not find them.
  • Surely and certainly you are born to win.
  • The train has different halts .Some in junctions and some in between the junctions and stations.
  • What's the difference between the junction and the station?
  • Where do you reside? and where do you live? find out the difference if any between live and reside.
  • When this space-craft will reach the planet?

learn more

  • The chief minister gave a speech yesterday.
  • Yesterday we celebrated Diwali.
  • Which day comes after Friday?
  • Which day comes before Friday?
  • What comes before five?
  • What comes after five?
  • Marriages can be arranged.
  • Love and marry, these are love marriages.
  • Which one is better? the arranged one or the marriage by love?
  • Is Christmas a festival?
  • Seven days make one week.
  • Every day is a good day.
  • Day and night comes one after the other.
  • Days are bright and nights are dark.
  • Know well where you are now and where you want to go.


  • Many women carry baskets on their heads.
  • A true leader serves the nation truly and sincerely.
  • What is true and what is lie can be known only by finding out.
  • Do not accept anything free from anyone for any reason.
  • If you accept freely, one day you will be branded as a beggar.
  • Learn and earn and enjoy your freedom and life.
  • On your friend's birthday, you can go to the market and buy a gift for him.
  • Next month is your friend's birthday.
  • Man can go to the market and buy a mango.
  • They went to get her from the field together.
  • You only can eat this sweet.
  • You can eat this sweet only.
  • Only you can count the things correctly.
  • You can get the sweet only here.
  • If I come to your house,what will you give me?
  • If you come to my house,what will you bring for me?
  • You can find many toys and playthings in the fair.

questions on these pictures

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  1. What do you see in the first picture?
  2. Which picture do you like most?
  3. How many pictures do you see?
  4. How many flowers can you see in these pictures?
  5. Can you see the sun in any picture?
  6. Which picture is there in left hand corner?
  7. How many pictures are there in the first row?
  8. How many pictures are there in the second row?
  9. Which picture is in the middle in the first row?
  10. Which picture is in the middle in the second row?
  11. Do you like these pictures?
  12. Which picture would you like to have as wall paper?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

learn words

  1. How many heads do you have? one
  2. How many chests do you have? one
  3. How many noses do you have? one
  4. How many backs do you have? one
  5. How many foreheads do you have? one
  6. How many tongues do you have? one
  7. How many mouths do you have? one
  8. How many chins do you have? one
  9. How many hands do you have? two
  10. How many legs do you have? two
  11. How many eyes do you have? two
  12. How many ears do you have? two
  13. How many cheeks do you have? two
  14. How many lips do you have? two
  15. How many elbows do you have? two
  16. How many knees do you have? two
  17. How many feet do you have? two
  18. How many ankles do you have? two
  19. How many wrists do you have? two
  20. How many palms do you have? two
  21. How many temples do you have? two
  22. How many thighs do you have? two
  23. How many fingers do you have? ten
  24. How many toes do you have? ten
  25. How many teeth do you have? thirty two
  26. How many hairs do you have? countless
  27. What do you do with your tongue? taste and speak

learn words from the story of Lord Krishna

  1. What's your name? Krishna
  2. What's your mother's name? Yasodha
  3. What's your father's name? Nanda.
  4. Where do you live? in Gokula
  5. What do you like very much? curd and butter
  6. With whom do you play always? with the cowherd boys.
  7. What do you have with you always? a flute
  8. What is your favorite game? stealing curd and butter.
  9. Do you eat it alone? No. I share it with my friends.
  10. Where were you born? In the jail in Mathura.
  11. Who is ruling Mathura? my uncle Kamsa
  12. Whose son are you really? Devaki
  13. Who is your real father? Vasudeva
  14. How did you reach Gokula? My father took me in a basket and left me with mother Yasodha
  15. When did he take you? In the midnight
  16. Was it raining that day? yes, very heavily
  17. How did he get out of the jail with you? I made all guards to sleep and I made the locks and chains open with my power.
  18. What did he take with him? My sister Mahamaya ,the daughter of Yasodha.
  19. Why did you come in this world? to save the good people and to destroy all evil things and bad people.
  20. Did you succeed and how? yes. I killed my uncle Kamsa and brought relief for my Grandfather and my real parents and all the people.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

days of the week

  • Sunday SUNDAY
  • Monday MONDAY
  • Tuesday TUESDAY
  • Wednesday WEDNESDAY
  • Thursday THURSDAY
  • Friday FRIDAY
  • Saturday. SATURDAY.
  • What is the day today? Friday
  • What was the day yesterday? Thursday
  • What day is tomorrow? Saturday/
  • Which day comes after Sunday? Monday
  • Which day comes before Sunday?Saturday


  • Seconds,minutes,hours,Day, morning, mid-day,afternoon,evening,night,mid-night
  • week,fortnight,month,quarter,half-year, annum, year,
  • Leap year, century.
  • 60 seconds make one minute.
  • 60 minutes make one hour.
  • 24 hours make one day.
  • There are 86400 seconds in a day. (60x60x24)
  • Do Not waste a single second.
  • Life is precious. You do not know whether you will come back in next birth as human being.So observe,listen and learn.
  • Learning is a life process.Go on learning.
  • Keep a diary of the things you do and find out where you are spending your time in waste .
  • Concentrate on the constructive and creative manner in which
  • you can develop

English and Ramayana

  • What's your name? Ram
  • What's your father's name? King Dasarath
  • What's your mother's name? Mrs. Kowsalya
  • How many wives has King Dasartha? three
  • What are their names? Kowsalya,Kaikeyi and Sumitra
  • How many brothers do you have? three
  • What are their names? Bharat, Lakshman,Satrugna
  • Who is Bharat's mother? Kaikeyi
  • Who is the mother of Lakshman and Satrugna? Sumitra
  • Which country does King Dasaratha rule? Kosala
  • What is the capital of Kosala? Ayodhya
  • Who is the master/preceptor/guru for Dasartha? Sage Vasista.
  • What yaga did your father do? Putra Kameshti Yaga
  • What is called Yaga? it is a fire sacrifice.
  • Who came from the yaga fire? a divine ambassador
  • What did he bring? a golden vessel with sweet porridge.kheer.payasam
  • Who drank that? My mother and my step- mothers.
  • Are you happy to be born in Dasaratha's family? yes.

learn words

  • Road,lane,street,
  • lamp-post,bulb,transformer,wires,insulators,pillars,foundation,
  • coal tar,leveled,flat,black,pavement,footpath,
  • pedestrian, cart, cycle, two wheeler, three wheeler,auto,four wheeler,
  • car, van, taxi, lorry,truck, 6 wheeler,trailer,
  • shops,stationery,flower-shop, fruit stall,boutique,cloth stores,
  • confectionery,bakery,laundry,electrical shop, hardware,
  • provision stores, grocery, fish monger, butcher, hotel, restaurant,
  • book shop,

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Follow these guidelines.
You will be happy,you did it.

Read with your eyes with concentration.
Listen attentively with your ears.
Understand what you read or listen.
Analyse what you read or listened.
Make sure that you have understood
what you read or listened.
Revise as many times as you can
what you understood.
Review at the end of the day
or at the time of going to bed,
What you have understood.

Within a short span of time
You can gain very good knowledge.
You too can speak good English.
Learn 10 words everyday.
Keep a good dictionary by the side of you.
write the word.
Know the spelling.
Find the syllables.
learn the pronunciation.
Find the meanings.
Check how the word in used in any particular sentence.
( example. the word" like" has two meanings)
I like you very much.
You look like a beautiful flower.

Learn how the word is used and in which context.
Master the word and make it your own.
Keep a track of all the words you learn.
You can learn a minimum of 3000 words in a year.

Try to use this word when you get the right opportunity
in speaking or writing.
Gain confidence step by step.
You are on your way in climbing the ladder of success.