Friday, November 25, 2011


  • Stationery.You can buy pencil and eraser from the stationery shop.
  • School.Students go to school.
  • School bags.They carry a big load of text books and note books in their school bag.
  • Cycles. Some students come to school with cycles.
  • Class-room.Class-rooms get filled up when the school bell rings.
  • uniform. All students come to the school in their regular uniforms.
  • neck-tie ,belt and badge. They wear neck-tie, belt and badge.
  • Train.We train our students from now that they can become weight-lifters by experience.
  • Black-board.The black-board is an important tool in the class-room.
  • Table and chair. The table and the chair are required for the teachers.
  • Chalk-piece& duster.The chalk-piece and the duster are necessary for the teacher.
  • Note-book. children,students open their note books and start copying what is written on the black-board.
  • Learn.They learn to read ,write,speak and count in the classroom.
  • Pencil and pen. Pencil and pen are necessary for every student.
  • Clean and tidy.The class room must be clean and tidy.
  • Discipline.They also learn discipline in the class and from the teachers.
  • Tests.weekly and monthly tests are held in the class.

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