Wednesday, November 23, 2011

right and positive words help

  • Begin or start your day with the prayers in the early morning.
  • Thank God ,He has given one more day of 86400 seconds.
  • You must spend each second creatively,constructively with positive attitude.
  • Attitude itself will take you to the great heights and to the altitude.
  • Taking bath once in the early morning and before going to bed will refresh you more.
  • You will get a good sound sleep and you can get up early in the morning with fresh vigour.
  • Don't carry your worries with you to the bed.
  • Before going to bed pray to God and thank Him for guiding you in
  • the right path and for helping you to take right and correct decisions.
  • You hear a speech .Unless you listen correctly you will not be able to understand what was spoken.
  • Hearing is one thing but listening is another thing.
  • You hear with your ears.You smell with your nose.You taste and speak with your tongue.
  • Inhaling and exhaling is done through your nose.
  • Breathing exercises are good for health.
  • Take care of every tooth and the teeth will be in order.
  • Companies are trying to follow paper-less society.
  • You see with your eyes. But see and observe more and learn.
  • Open your mouth only when required.
  • Every organ has got a particular function.
  • The ears cannot see and the eyes cannot listen.
  • Boys like to play with the balls and girls like to play with dolls.
  • Do your work in time.
  • Walk at least one or two kilometers everyday.
  • Read one English prose or poem or the editorials in the newspapers daily.
  • They all go here and there but they only know where they are going.
  • Children like to play in the ground but they do not get enough time to play for the studies take a lot of time.
  • Say yes when you want to eat nutritional foods and say No to instant foods.
  • The tables and the chairs are in the house for comfort.
  • Keep your books on the table and in the right place

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