Friday, November 25, 2011

letter C

  • Cab,cabaret,cabbage,cabin,cabinet,
  • Cable,cackle,cactus,caddie,caddy
  • Cadence,cadet,cadmium,cadre, cafe,
  • Cafeteria,caffeine,cage,cairn,cajole
  • Cake,calamity,calciferous,calcify
  • Calcium.calculate,calculator,calculation,
  • Calculus,calendar,calender,calf,
  • Caliber,calibre,calico,calipers,caliph.

  • You can take a cab to reach the air-port.
  • Now it is a taxi,previously it was a horse-drawn carriage.
  • We went into the restaurant and had our snacks and coffee and watched the cabaret.( the program of songs and dance)
  • is a nice vegetable.
  • The pilot was in his cabin.
  • They built many cabins in the drive -in hotel.
  • The captain visited all the cabins in the ship.
  • The council of ministers is called a cabinet.
  • She kept all her dresses and jewels in the cabinet.( piece of furniture for storing things).
  • A private room can also be called a cabinet.

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