Monday, November 21, 2011


  • Many women carry baskets on their heads.
  • A true leader serves the nation truly and sincerely.
  • What is true and what is lie can be known only by finding out.
  • Do not accept anything free from anyone for any reason.
  • If you accept freely, one day you will be branded as a beggar.
  • Learn and earn and enjoy your freedom and life.
  • On your friend's birthday, you can go to the market and buy a gift for him.
  • Next month is your friend's birthday.
  • Man can go to the market and buy a mango.
  • They went to get her from the field together.
  • You only can eat this sweet.
  • You can eat this sweet only.
  • Only you can count the things correctly.
  • You can get the sweet only here.
  • If I come to your house,what will you give me?
  • If you come to my house,what will you bring for me?
  • You can find many toys and playthings in the fair.

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