Friday, November 25, 2011

letter C 2

  • Cable,cackle,cactus,caddie,caddy
  • Cadence,cadet,cadmium,cadre, cafe,
  • Cafeteria,caffeine,cage,cairn,cajole
  • Cake,calamity,calciferous,calcify
  • Calcium.calculate,calculator,calculation,
  • Calculus,calendar,calender,calf,
  • Caliber,calibre,calico,calipers,caliph.
  • Cable is a thick strong rope.
  • The cables were laid under the ground.( the insulated wire laid under ground or water.)
  • He sent a cable to London that day.( a telegram sent overseas.a telegram sent by underground or water cable)
  • The cluck of a hen is called the cackle.
  • A loud laugh, a foolish talk can also be called a cackle.
  • Cactus is a leafless plant having a thick and fleshy stem.
  • Caddie is a person who attends a golfer at play.
  • You can keep dried tea leaves in this small box- caddy.
  • The rise and fall of voice, the rhythm and the modulation is called Cadence.
  • The young person who is under training in armed forces is a cadet.
  • Cadmium is a white metal occurring in Zinc ores.
  • The Permanent establishment of a regiment is called the cadre.
  • The permanent members of an organization can be called the cadre.
  • Cadre is also the framework
  • A coffee house or a restaurant is called the cafe.
  • The difference between cafe and cafetaria, is cafetaria is a restaurant with a counter for self-service.

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