Sunday, November 20, 2011

learn words from the story of Lord Krishna

  1. What's your name? Krishna
  2. What's your mother's name? Yasodha
  3. What's your father's name? Nanda.
  4. Where do you live? in Gokula
  5. What do you like very much? curd and butter
  6. With whom do you play always? with the cowherd boys.
  7. What do you have with you always? a flute
  8. What is your favorite game? stealing curd and butter.
  9. Do you eat it alone? No. I share it with my friends.
  10. Where were you born? In the jail in Mathura.
  11. Who is ruling Mathura? my uncle Kamsa
  12. Whose son are you really? Devaki
  13. Who is your real father? Vasudeva
  14. How did you reach Gokula? My father took me in a basket and left me with mother Yasodha
  15. When did he take you? In the midnight
  16. Was it raining that day? yes, very heavily
  17. How did he get out of the jail with you? I made all guards to sleep and I made the locks and chains open with my power.
  18. What did he take with him? My sister Mahamaya ,the daughter of Yasodha.
  19. Why did you come in this world? to save the good people and to destroy all evil things and bad people.
  20. Did you succeed and how? yes. I killed my uncle Kamsa and brought relief for my Grandfather and my real parents and all the people.

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