Thursday, November 24, 2011

Learn ,learn more words

  • German man and German woman and children live in Germany.
  • Americans live in America.
  • An American can have German,Indian ,French and English friends.
  • The whole year , this year had been nice and good.
  • We wish the New year also to be peaceful and prosperous,
  • Today is my birthday.I will fly with my parents to Mumbai.
  • My sister also will accompany me.
  • It is autumn now and I see many leaves leaving the branches and falling down and making like a carpet.
  • The boy wore the stockings and was riding the cycle.
  • He went back to the beach to get back the ball which he left on the beach near the beach, Can you make the bench into a beach?
  • In her blue and white dress she looks very beautiful.
  • Green,blue,red ,yellow,violet,indigo and orange are all colors you can find in the rainbow.
  • In the white color all colors are merged. Do you agree?
  • Where is Mr. Brown who wears a brown shirt?
  • He carries a frown on his face and so he is at home only.
  • Good morning,Good evening, good night and hello are but greetings.

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