Monday, November 21, 2011

know more

  • Don't go alone in the dark lane.
  • The wife leaves her husband and goes to the saree shop alone.
  • She alone knows how to select the cloth and clothes and sarees,
  • A lone person cannot get the loan easily.
  • Plants grow well in a small garden nicely.
  • Plants are to be cared for like the infants and the children.
  • Flowers are beautiful.They spread happiness,cheers and some sweet smell too.
  • You can always clean the room with a broom.
  • Bridegroom must also know how to use a broom.
  • A new broom always sweeps clean, that's what they say.
  • This train will depart from platform no.1
  • That train will arrive on platform No.2
  • Sunday is a holiday.This leave is enjoyed by one and all.
  • You are a learner for the whole life.So go on learning.Learning is a life process.
  • How beautiful is this place!I feel like staying here for ever.
  • The temple was here in this place.
  • Don't place your things here.When you come back you will not find them.
  • Surely and certainly you are born to win.
  • The train has different halts .Some in junctions and some in between the junctions and stations.
  • What's the difference between the junction and the station?
  • Where do you reside? and where do you live? find out the difference if any between live and reside.
  • When this space-craft will reach the planet?

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