Thursday, November 24, 2011

a small suggestion and a piece of advice.

  • If you want to achieve anything in this world,
  • Believe in your MOTHER 100 per cent,
  • Believe in God 100 per cent,
  • And above all believe in yourself 100 PER CENT.
  • Mother has brought you in this world,
  • Patiently bearing you in her womb,
  • For more than 9 months at some times,
  • Taken good care of your health,
  • Got more happiness from your smiles and actions,
  • Shown you who is your father,
  • Taught you how to eat,how to dress, how to take bath,
  • How and when to go to school,
  • How and when can you marry,
  • And to-day what you are is
  • the result of your
  • So why don't you take care and
  • Listen to your mother for all
  • Reasonable requests.
  • So MOTHER is the greatest person in this world.
  • God, she only introduced to you,
  • And told you that you have been
  • Sent in this world as the Trustee,
  • To enjoy and take care of all things,
  • And not pollute the noise,air and water,
  • And to see that you leave a world,
  • For others to live and enjoy,
  • How and what you have enjoyed.
  • Most of all believe in YOURSELF,
  • 100 PERCENT,
  • And say" It is possible"
  • And " I can, I will and I must".

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