Tuesday, November 29, 2011

English learn words with T

  • Tabernacle is nothing but a tent, a temporary abode,human body as temporary abode of soul and a place of worship.
  • What do you call the article of furniture with a flat surface? a Table.
  • http://www.thefreedictionary.com/table
  • laying on the table the food,
  • Table is also a list.
  • Table is also an index.
  • Table is to tabulate, to lay on the table, to put forward for discussion.
  • Tableau is a picture and also a dramatic scene.
  • Ten commandments were written on the Tablet, the slab for writing,a slab bearing an inscription,a small flattish cake and a pill.
  • Tabloid is a small newspaper.
  • Taboo is a prohibition,restraint and a ban, a thing which is prohibited.
  • Tabulate is to arrange in tables, to set in columns.
  • Tacit means implied and silent.
  • Taciturn means disinclined to speak and habitually keeping silent.

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