Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Sentences know more about them

  1. What is  sentence? A sentence is a group  of words arranged in a logical order which makes complete sense.Example.Love all,hate none.
  2. If the words are jumbled, then it is very difficult to understand.Example: Sun,in,rises,early,the,morning.
  3. Now,see,"The Sun rises in the early morning."
  4. In the morning ,is a combination of words but not complete so it is called a phrase.
  5. Now let us see how many kinds of sentences are there.
  6. Assertive or Declarative sentence.
  7. I always get up early in the morning.
  8. In this we can have a positive and  negative sentence too.
  9. Example: She will not listen to me.(Negative)
  10. Smile and get a smile back.( assertive or Affirmative)
  11. Interrogative sentence.bearing a ?
  12. Who are You?Why have you taken birth in this world?What is the purpose of your life?
  13. Imperative sentences.
  14. expressing orders, commands, requests, advice, proposals, suggestions etc.,
  15. Please forgive me. work hard, let us go to the movie, Leave soon. Take the umbrella.Do not talk with strangers in the train nor accept anything from them.
  16. Exclamatory: stating joy,sorrow,regret, surprise.wonder, contempt, applause etc.
  17. Bravo! well-done!,Ah!What have I done!
  18. How beautiful is the Golden Bridge!
  19. Hurrah! nice! you have come so far!
  20. Ardent wish.prayer, boon or curse too are exclamatory.
  21. Long live all languages!
  22. May you live long!
  23. May God help you!
  24. May she be blessed with the child soon!
  25. How pleasant the weather is!

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