Friday, December 9, 2011

learn more and more

  • What was feeling thirsty one day? a monkey
  • What did he do? He searched everywhere for water.
  • What did he find? He found plenty of water in a deep ditch.
  • What did he do then? Without thinking and fore-thought he jumped inside the ditch.
  • Did he drink water and quench his thirst? yes
  • What was he trying then? jumped and jumped and tried to get out of that place.
  • Why couldn't he get out from there? The walls of the ditch were very high.
  • What came there after sometime? A goat.
  • What did the goat see? plenty of water in the ditch and a monkey
  • there.
  • What did he ask the monkey? He asked,"How is the water?"
  • What did the monkey say? "" This water is very very tasty.?"
  • What did the goat do? He immediately jumped inside the ditch without thinking.
  • What did the monkey do then? he at once jumped upon the back of the goat and jumped outside and went away happily.
  • Why was the goat feeling sorry? Because of his foolishness he jumped inside the ditch without thinking and he was not able to get out from that ditch.

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