Friday, December 9, 2011

know one more story and improve English

  • Who lived on a tree? A monkey
  • Where was the tree? near a nice river.
  • What kind of tree was that? a fruit tree
  • Why was the monkey very happy?because he could eat as many fruits as he liked where he lived.
  • Who wanted to become a friend of the monkey? A crocodile
  • Where did he live? in that nice river.
  • Did they ,the monkey and the crocodile, become friends? yes
  • What did the monkey offer the crocodile everyday? the sweet fruits.
  • What did the crocodile ask the monkey one day? to give him some nice fruits to take home
  • Who was there in Mr.Crocodile's house? Mrs. crocodile,his wife.
  • Did she like the fruits? yes too much and very much.
  • What did she tell her husband? "If the monkey is eating such nice fruits his heart also will be very sweet,Is that not so'?
  • What was the crocodile's answer? " Yes.surely it will be"
  • What did she ask the crocodile to do? to invite the monkey for a dinner.
  • Did the monkey accept the dinner invitation? yes
  • What did he tell the crocodile? he didn't know how to swim
  • What did the crocodile say?He would carry him on his back .
  • What did the monkey do? He came down from the tree and sat on the crocodile's back.
  • What did the crocodile say to the monkey on the way to his house?he was taking the monkey for a dinner that night, and his wife wanted to have for dinner the monkey's sweet heart.
  • What did the clever monkey tell the foolish crocodile? That he left the heart on the branch of the tree and to take him back there.
  • What did the crocodile do? He took the monkey back to the tree.
  • What did he monkey do? He at once jumped and climbed the tree and didn't come back.
  • What did he tell the crocodile? The crocodile was ungrateful and not fit to be his friend.He was foolish that he didn't know the fact that
  • What do you learn from this story? Don't be a friend to a foolish and ungrateful one.
  • Why was the monkey very clever? Because he used his presence of mind and saved his life.(PRESENCE OF MIND)

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