Friday, October 12, 2018

Easy Easy English

  1. I,my,mine,to me, me,myself.
  2. I have a dog.The dog is mine.It belongs to me. They call me Dog Lover. I am proud of myself that I love dogs.
  3. The dogs are more affectionate and faithful.
  4. We,our, ours, to us, us, ourselves.
  5. We have many parrots. Those parrots are ours. They belong to us. Some call us as parrot keepers. We take care of them ourselves.
  6. You,your,yours,to you,you, yourself.
  7. You have a sister.She is your sister. Sister Sita is yours. She belongs to you. She calls you Madhusudan. You bring gifts for her on her birthday yourself.
  8. You,your,yours,to you,you, yourselves..
  9. You start a school.That is your school.The school is yours. The school belongs to you. They call you as correspondent of the school. You all contributed money for building the school yourselves.
  10. He,his,his,to him, him, himself.
  11. He has a bag. That is his bag. The bag is his. It belongs to him. They call him Ram. He polishes his shoes himself.
  12. A story for a change:
  13. President Lincoln was polishing his own shoes.
  14.  The captain came to visit him.
  15. He asked a question,"why do you polish your shoes yourself?"
  16.  Lincoln replied,""Whose shoes do you Polish?"
  17. She,her,hers,to her, her, herself.
  18. She has a purse. It is her purse. The purse is hers. It belongs to her. They call her Mercy.She made the purse herself.
  19. It,its,its,to it,it,itself.
  20. It has a tail.It is its tail,The tail belongs to it. We call it a cow.It licks its calf itself.
  21. They,their, theirs,to them, them, themselves.
  22. They are Indians. It is their country.The country India is theirs. It belongs to them. Others call them Hindi in Middle- East.They are proud to be belonging to Free democratic India themselves.

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