Thursday, October 11, 2018


  1. Every sentence has a subject and predicate.
  2. Subject is the word/group of words stating what the naming word/words indicate.
  3. Predicate is the word/words telling us what the subject does,did,has done  or doing.
  4. Example: The young boy plays with the dog.
  5. Subject. The young boy  
  6. predicate: plays with the dog.
  7. Some sentences have transitive verbs.
  8. Transitive verbs are those which carry an object or objects.
  9. The young boy gives biscuits to the dog.
  10. Ask the question? What does the boy give? Biscuits.
  11. So the sentence has an object. so the verb is also in transitive.
  12. The horse runs fast. Is there any object in this sentence?
  13. No. runs is the verb the action word and does not carry an object. so it an intransitive verb.
  14. So we know now transitive verbs carry object in the sentence and the intransitive does not carry any object.
  15. My father gave me a gold pen as present.
  16. What did your father give? a present, a gold pen.
  17. These are called direct objects,
  18. To whom did your father give a gold pen as a present?
  19. to me. me is the indirect object.
  20. There are 8 parts of speech. Do you know all of them?
  21. yes. Noun,pronoun,adjective,verb,adverb,
  22. preposition,conjunction  and interjection.
  23. Noun is the naming word. Pronoun stands for the noun.
  24. Adjective qualifies or state something or describes the noun.
  25. Verb is the action word. stating what the subject does, did,is doing ,has done. or had done or will do.
  26. adverb modifies the verb giving an extension to the verb.
  27. Preposition relates about the position of the noun in relation to the other.
  28. Conjunction  join with and and but etc., to join both words Image result for wren and martinor sentences.
  29. Interjection is nothing but expressing surprise, sorrow, happiness and other strong feelings and emotions with an exclamatory mark!!!!

  30. Try to read this again and again until you learn fully and completely.
  31. If you need further help buy or borrow from the library Wren&Martin grammar book
  32. .Image result for wren and martinThis book with the key is worth keeping in your Home library for you and your family and your future generation.
  33. see also for details

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